Who we are

Achieving our customers dreams.

Whoever turns towards us, has always a new dream to fulfill: a new house, a hotel, a new offices, a residential complex, a clinic, a refurbishment of interior premises… They have only ideas: sometimes still immature and confused, other times much more advanced, often combined with economic or market surveys or specific personal demands. Our task is only one: turning these ideas into reality, converting the dreams into real objects. The tasks are always well distinct and clear: our customers shows his idea and we acknowledge it, feeding it with our creativity and our technical knowledge. We listen to him a lot, we try to get carefully the requirements of the people we are dealing with, to understand exactly their demands, in order to plan something that is exactly what the customer needs, what he wonders even if he is not able to prefigure it himself. Our way to face the planning does not represent a limit to creativity, imagination. On the contrary it is a spur of effectiveness, because the project must be adjusted to the requirements of the ones who will have to live, work, manage or market the building we are planning, without imposing rules that are unconnected to him. This does not mean obviously that the purchaser must suggest us how to plan, but it is exactly our task to determine the architectural form, the functional arrangement of the premises, the most suitable harmony to the aims for wich the building or the refurbishment of an inner space has been conceived. There is not any need to impose our own “style” to the customer, whereas it is extremely important to understand wich is the most suitable “style” for every single purchaser. Thank to this way of thinking we always got outcomes of great effectiveness that brought very different achievements, but always appreciated either by the ones who live in the premises we created, or by the sector criticism, as it is demonstrated by the over 100 publications of our projects in every continent, the several competitions that have been won and the acknowledgement awarded in the international and national field.